5 Things You Should Deliberate With Your Melbourne Caterer

If you are planning to hold an event, having a catering company step in can greatly improve the success of your big day. This applies to social parties, sporting events, funerals, and even corporate events. All you have to do is look for any of the many catering Melbourne companies around the city. Once you do so, you need to deliberate some important decisions about service delivery during the event. These deliberations should revolve around:

Number of guests to be served

The number of guests expected during an event is a big factor. This number helps your Melbourne catering company understand how much supplies they need in order to feed your guests adequately, as well as how many staff members they need for the job. As such, you should relay this information days before the event to facilitate proper planning on the part of the caterer. Once the number of guests is set, you should communicate any changes or alterations that occur in regards to this detail.

Meal serving time

As any catering Melbourne company will tell you, schedules are very important in any event. It is paramount for events to follow a strict schedule due to time constraints and for the sake of good order. As far as you and the catering company are concerned, you should have them understand what time you need food served. It will then be the obligation of the caterer to meet that requirement and to feed your guests on time.

The menu

The different caterers Melbourne has to offer all provide varied dishes for their clients. Some specialize in finger food, others provide traditional cuisines, and others are experts at preparing gourmet food. Because you want your guests to leave your event well fed and happy, discuss with your caterer which types of foods you want served to your guests. Be clear on specific details such as how many courses are to be served, whether alcohol should be on the menu, and so forth. This will help avoid confusion between the caterer and the guests come feeding time. Check out Essential Caterer

Special menu considerations

The ideal catering Melbourne service for your event should also be able to meet any special considerations you have in regards to the type of food served. As you well know, in any large gathering you are likely to have some guests who need their meals prepared separately. This includes people with certain allergies, people who are diabetic and need to watch their sugar intake, as well as people who are vegetarian, among others.

How are your guests to be served?

Last but not least, you should also discuss with your food catering Melbourne service how your guests will be served. Catering is a hospitality business so the actual process of serving the guests is just as important as preparing the meals. Depending on the nature of the event, you may want the servers to wear casual or official wear. You may also want your guests served using certain cutlery to mark the novelty of the event.

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How to Plan a Great Wedding Menu

The type of food and beverage you choose for your wedding event are just as important as the event itself. In the end, they contribute a lot to the overall presentation of the party. Involving professionals in meal preparation such as Good Spuds can do you much good. Here is what you should do to come up with a great wedding menu.

Have a clear budget

With a clear budget, you will have a clear idea of your expenses based on the number of guests you invite.

It is important to start early

A great menu starts with a great caterer. However, to land on a reliable caterer, you may need to do advanced booking, several months before your event. Expert caterers such as Good Spuds are usually in high demand and if you fail to book early, you may fail to get a slot at the right time. Look for flexible chefs that can tweak their prowess to suit your preferences. Look for chefs at the same time you hunt for venues.

Know the number of your guests

Once you have a clear budget and guest list, you can be able to build up a menu that suits your audience. Consult with your caterer to devise plans to help you reduce costs when it comes to food budget. For example, you may consider a pasta bar with vegetarian mixes instead of a carving station.

 Include plans for allergies or dietary restrictions

The event will contain guests from diverse backgrounds. As such, you should have plans for gluten-free meals and non-meat eaters. Besides, you should have plans for guests with different allergies. Discuss these issues with your caterer in advance and come up with suitable alternatives.

Work with a specific style

Various styles exist that you can use to serve your guests. Discuss with your caterer to come up with a suitable style. For example, you can consider multiple courses in a sit-down meal instead of a delish dinner. If the event embraces dancing, then you can include light meals and appetizers, as advised by your caterer.

Include locally produced and seasonal ingredients

If you hire a great chef, he may help you plan your menu around what is fresh and in season during the period. For instance, in January, you may consider a rich tomato sauce with pasta instead of a tomato salad.

It is advisable to agree with your caterer on what ingredients are suitable for the type of event you want to host. You can then plan your menu around those foods.

Take the ‘die’ out of the diet

Your goal is to make the event memorable to all your guests by giving them food that appeals to their individual tastes. Therefore, you and your chef should have deep knowledge on the kind of foods you want to prepare and give to the guests. With a knowledgeable and experienced caterer, you can rest assured that meal preparation is safe.

When everyone leaves your event happy and satisfied, you get the reputation. In the UK, you can depend on services of reliable caterers such as Good Spuds. For more details, you can Google:

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A Unique Christmas Lunch Experience With Blackwater

The holidays often give people the perfect excuse to plan and splurge, and Christmas is no exception. In fact, people take extra measures simply to ensure that their Christmas days are special, preferably surrounded by the people they love. No matter what you’re planning this Christmas, a nice, filling lunch at a reputable Sydney south restaurant is always a top choice.

Sydney South restaurant

While some may think it is boring, a typical Christmas day lunch is one of the best ways to spend Christmas. For one, nobody can say no to good food, especially when prepared by the likes of Blackwater Restaurant. Also, a nice, peaceful lunch is the best way to mingle and converse with friends and family without the dizzying loud music and copious amounts of alcohol present during Christmas Eve celebrations.

Blackwater Restaurant

If you happen to reside in Sydney’s south, then you’re in luck. The south is abundant with great restaurant choices, with one of the most popular ones being Blackwater restaurant. This quaint culinary find derives its gastronomic inspirations from Italy’s finest, and then meshing it perfectly with Australia’s own flavors. This unique mix makes their dishes all the more unique, loved by both the locals and foreigners alike.

Here you can enjoy the best Christmas day lunch Sydney has to offer, from their appetizing entrees to their delectable desserts. All courses are prepared efficiently by skilled chefs so food is delivered as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality and taste. The result is an experience that your taste buds will surely enjoy and look forward to again!

The Restaurant With A View

Ambiance plays a big part when it comes to the dining experience, and Sydney’s beautiful scenery are always a welcome sight to behold when dining. If you’re looking for that classy and chic Christmas day lunch south Sydney is famous for, then there’s no better choice than Blackwater Restaurant.

The Sydney south restaurant is perfectly situated near the lovely Georges River, and it takes full advantage of its prime location with its breathtaking restaurant design. The Blackwater boasts of ceiling to floor glass windows, allowing diners an unimpeded view of the river and Sydney’s south in general. Most customers tend to take their time at the restaurant, enjoying the food while basking in the view of passing boats and azure waters.

Reserving Your Christmas Lunch

Christmas is a day for luxurious and relaxing lunches, and as popular as it is, Blackwater tends to fill up rather quickly, even when during regular days. If you’re thinking of spending your Christmas day lunch at this Sydney south restaurant, you can guarantee that a lot of people are also thinking along the same lines.

Reservations are highly recommended during the holidays, especially for lunch and dinners. Blackwater also offers several packages for private functions with a capacity of up to 130 persons. This is a great option for grand family reunions or company Christmas lunches.

If you’ve got a taste for contemporary Italian cuisine, you’ll never go wrong with Blackwater restaurant. With its unique flavors and relaxing atmosphere, Blackwater is the perfect setting for peaceful, memorable Christmas lunches that will leave you coming back year after year. For more details visit us at http://blackwaterrestaurant.com.au/.


Business Meetings 101: Reasons for Hiring a Caterer

As an up and coming businessman at business meetings with clients and other stakeholders, it is important to always make a good impression – you are there to strike up a deal or gain a new project after all. Organizing, planning, and hosting this kind of event is a big task that has stress seeping at every corner, from the technical and business-related reports to the venue and preparations for the accommodations of the guests. A hefty part in planning the whole ordeal of business meeting is the food to be served during the event. On top of this, in the guest’s perspective, these lengthy business events are expected to offer good food. If this factor is neglected, it can possibly lead to the client’s loss of interest or even decreased productivity and that would be bad for many reasons.

Apart from the whole work to be done in the business sector, hiring corporate catering Melbourne services offer today is your best bet to release some of the stress. Here is a list of great reasons why you should consider hiring corporate catering services for your next business event:

corporate catering melbourne

Caterers can take some of the burden off your shoulders.

From the equipment preparations to the food and beverages – there are too many important things to consider and keep in mind during business meetings. A corporate catering Melbourne has today can assist you with the preparation of food and beverage that you alone cannot handle. A lot of thought should go into the food to serve at an event like if any of your guests has special requests or even allergies to consider, and these are unnecessary stress for you who needs to focus on perfecting that business report.

Caterers can help you save your precious time.

Thinking about what to cook, buying them at the grocery store, cooking the food for long hours, setting up equipment and serving the food to the guests take a lot of precious time that you don’t have. When hiring office catering Melbourne services offer, you don’t have to think about what to cook and serve the food and beverage yourself, which is a great time saver.

Caterers can offer your guests assorted food options.

With a reliable catering company, questions about what kind of dishes to prepare and serve your guests have easy answers. A part of their planning is to check every detail of your guest’s food preferences and that will be the basis of what they will serve.

Hiring caterers can help you make a good and lasting impression to important guests.

By hiring corporate catering Melbourne companies have today, how you visually and carefully prepared the event will reflect and that will surely wow your guests. When a business event has special catering, it leaves a lasting impression with the clients that the host is well-prepared. Making the business gathering more formal and structured shows that the host company really took the time to really make the event special and successful. Check at http://www.essentialcaterer.com.au/corporate-catering-melbourne/

Top Examples of Traditional Gourmet Foods

Gourmet foods are made using everyday ingredients. However, you need to involve a qualified and experienced chef. For instance, a qualified chef can prepare chicken jal frezi as a gourmet dish. Gourmet dishes require the skills and patience of an experienced chef to get the desired results. If you have no skills to do it, you can consult with reliable food manufacturers such as Sticky Fingers in Western Australia.

Qualified chefs have the necessary skills to turn common ingredients such as potatoes, lamb, carrots, and peas into a superb dish that qualifies as gourmet. Here are common types of gourmet dishes you can find from certified food manufacturers.

Beluga Caviar

Seafood commonly found in the Caspian Sea, Beluga is famous for its eggs and is eaten raw after a qualified chef prepares the meal. Lovers of this gourmet do not use the metallic spoon to eat it, as metal reacts with the raw eggs. Instead, they use spoons made of tortoise shell. If you want to get the experience, you should try this!

White smoked Salmon

Another gourmet item, this meal is different from the common smoked salmon that is readily available in supermarket shelves. It calls for the skills and experience of a chef to make this meal come out as gourmet dish. Raw oysters also fall in the category of gourmet items. These foods contain a more vitamins and minerals, making them good for health. However, the oysters and smoked salmon are quite expensive and peasants cannot afford.

Traditionally, the peasants who could not afford expensive seafood could resort to truffles, which are another highly valuable gourmet item, found in forests. From reliable gourmet food manufacturers such as Sticky Fingers, you can get these foods and enjoy the taste. For example, truffles can complement champagne-cooked rice by adding a unique flavor. In Italy, they call it gourmet risotto.


Especially that made from ewe or goat’s milk, cheese is a special gourmet item, traditionally associated with small dairy farmers. Today you can find the items online from reputable gourmet food manufacturers. However, before you buy a cheese gourmet, it is advisable to confirm that the meal was prepared by a qualified chef to make it qualify as a gourmet item. An example is a Brie, which must be prepared by a qualified French cheese maker before it can be considered a gourmet item.

Chanterelle mushrooms

These are available in the woods, if you know the right type. Since they have meaty flavors, they can make quite good gourmet items. After careful preparation, the product is a beautiful gourmet with a golden-yellow color. The mushrooms grow under trees and you can identify them with their trumpet-shaped tops. In addition to the chanterelle mushrooms, other types of mushrooms such as porcini and morel can also be considered gourmet items when cooked fresh.

These samples of gourmet items are important for those who are considering doing their own gourmets. However, if you want ready gourmet foods, you can visit a reliable food manufacturer such as Sticky Fingers. For more information about gourmet manufacturers in Western Australia, visit http://www.stickyfingers.com.au/

Your Best Guide to Buying Commercial Microwave

In the catering industry, cooks and chefs cannot ignore the importance of microwaves. Moreover, knowing the difference between domestic and commercial microwave is important as well, so that the right appliance is used for the right job. While most households use domestic microwaves, commercial food outlets such as fast food cafes, hotels, and restaurants mainly use commercial microwaves. If you are looking for commercial microwaves to meet your food service needs, look no further than Food Equipment Distributors, a company that stocks heavy-dutycommercial microwaves suitable for large-scale food service. Besides, they sell the appliances at affordable prices compared to other outlets.

commercial microwave

What you can get from Food Equipment Distributors

The company sells a wide range of commercial microwave ovens. As a user, you need to understand clearly the difference between these types of microwaves and those used at household level. Domestic microwaves often have low power ranging between 900W and 1000W, with only one heating element. In addition to their low rating, the appliances are built from weaker materials such as plastic and can only work at household level. Used for commercial activities, domestic microwaves take relatively longer time to heat or defrost foods. In most cases, they fail after a short period of use. They are not the best to use in commercial food service.

Commercial Microwaves

Designed for industrial and commercial use, a commercial microwavehas a higher rating ranging from 1000W to 2000W. This is ideal for commercial and industrial use where caterers need a much faster equipment for heating or defrosting. To achieve that speed, commercial kitchen microwave ovens are fitted with two or more heating elements to enable them to work efficiently without failing unnecessarily. Some commercial microwaves have a combination of heating including convection oven setting. They are also built from heavy-duty material, mainly stainless steel that allows to withstand the conditions in commercial setups.

Benefits of buying a commercial microwave for your fast food business

In the era of fast foods, these appliances are becoming increasingly useful. If you are running a fast food business, a café, or restaurant, it is advisable to own a microwave oven for efficiency and safety in heating and defrosting. Some of the benefits of the appliance include the following:

·         They cook food quickly and efficiently making them ideal for fast food business.

·         Due to their multiple heating elements, they defrost food much quickly than using domestic microwaves. In a commercial enterprise, this is important to avoid wastage of foodstuff, therefore saving money.

·         They are available in various sizes including small, medium, and heavy duty. This allows caterers to choose a size ideal for their needs.

·         They are available at affordable prices from Food Equipment Distributors.

Based on your current needs, you can get a commercial microwave of your choice from FED. Light duty design has a heating capacity between 900 and 1100 watts, medium duty between 1100 and 1500 watts, and the heavy duty has a heating capacity between 1500 and 2000 watts. These appliances are ideal for various applications ranging from cafes and small commercial kitchens to large commercial restaurants and pubs. Read more at http://www.foodequipment.com.au/v1/commercial-microwave-ovens.html

Investing in Wholesale Catering Supplies for Your Food Business

If you have a business in the hospitality industry, specifically a food catering business, it is a must to obtain your own wholesale catering supplies. This kind of equipment is essential in allowing you to serve your clients’ food to keep them happy and satisfied. Some small business owners might argue that buying your own catering equipment can be expensive; however, the investment will pay off because it will open up more opportunities for your business.

wholesale catering supplies

Catering in the Hospitality Industry

When you buy wholesale catering supplies in QLD, you will be able to expand the services provided by your business. For example, if you are able to provide food pack services in the past, getting your own equipment will now enable you to offer a full range food servicing package. You can cater the event using your own food catering equipment. Thus, you can earn more in the process!

If you thought that catering is simple, think again. You have a long list of supplies and equipment to procure in order to run the business. For the table setting alone, you will need plates, silverware, saucers, cups, wine and water glasses, etc. As for the serving equipment, supplies like bus tubs, water pitchers and serving trays are not inexpensive. Meanwhile, for the actual buffet catering, you will need serving spoons, knives, chaffing dishes, tongs, spatulas, and food warmers. This list does not even include the equipment needed to prepare the food – ovens, grills, cooking pots and pans are not inexpensive too!

If you were to rent the equipment, you will also be limited in terms of what is available from the rental service. If you buy wholesale catering supplies, you can choose an essential equipment you need without blowing your budget. This will enable you to utilize the equipment based on the type of food and catering services you have to offer.

Perks of Buying Wholesale Supplies

When you have a limited budget, it is smart to scout shops that offer wholesale catering supplies. You will be able to save a ton of money on catering supplies offered at wholesale prices versus ones that carry retail prices. That means that buying in wholesale prices can also enable you to buy more – thus, you can purchase the food catering supplies and equipment you need to operate the business! More details at top shelf concepts.

If you think that it is difficult to find wholesale catering supplies in QLD, it is actually easier than you think. You can begin your search online. A lot of the wholesale suppliers of catering equipment operate online. This is how they are able to lower the prices – they can save on the overhead cost of running the business online and turning those savings into savings for their customers too.

When it comes to quality, you should not worry about that when buying catering supplies at wholesale prices. If you carefully chose the supplier, then you should be at peace knowing that they only provide the best quality supplies. Do not settle for a company that offers cheap prices; they must be able to deliver on quality too. Visit http://www.topshelfconcepts.com.au/wholesale-commercial-disposable-catering-supplies-wholesale/ today!


Make Your Party Count with Marquee Hire

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are turning a year older, and you have decided to hold a party to mark this moment with your friends and family. See the faces of your happy guests as they dance around under the shining glorious summer moon hanging above your garden. The surrounding landscape next to your garden standing still and although the sun has already set, it’s still a sight to behold. Walk around, look at your friends and family enjoying the blissful music playing in the background as they savor in the moment. Wouldn’t it be beautifully amazing? Well, this could be a reality with firms which offer services of marquee hire Perth wide. Below are some of the requirements you need to make this happen.

Have a Budget

Having a budget will help you determine how you will be spending. This will help you to work with what you have and avoid a situation where you will have to seek credit. Whilst there are many companies, which offer services of marquee hire Perth has today, you must find one that is affordable and within your budget. This is necessary because companies have different charges and marquees are available at varying costs for they come in a variety of types and sizes to ensure you find one that you require.


The location is one of the key factors that should be put into serious consideration when you want your party to be one that will leave guests talking for a while. Find a location that will make the party memorable. You can either select a view surrounding a beautiful landscape or your flower garden. Even a great view beside the ocean would work the magic. Identify the grounds you have selected in advance so that the hire company can start seeking permits if there is any need for the same. This is also necessary to help ensure the ground you have selected can be able to accommodate all the guests you have invited.

Additional Charges

You should be aware of any extra charges that the hiring company may add to your invoice. Most of these charges are usually not discussed because there are times the hiring company would go to visit the venue of the party and find an uneven ground. In such a situation the ground would have to be made even using extra services. It can be quite inconveniencing especially where you have been working with a budget to guide your spending pattern. Clarify such kind of issues before you sign the contract with the company.

When you find the appropriate marquees, your fantasy party will not only come to realization but will be even more memorable than you can imagine. With the tips above, you are well on your way to getting yourself that company which offers best services of marquee hire Perth wide to grace your occasion. They add a warm touch to your event while protecting your guests from adverse weather conditions. Find one and make your party count!

Different Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes

Cupcakes are nothing new to you. Those small cakes baked inside paper cups have won hearts of both kids and adults alike. When they were introduced or until recently they had a simple and plain look. Now with some fun decorations, you can make these tasty cupcakes look interesting. For decorating your cupcakes you can use a wide range of ingredients that includes cookies, icing, fresh flowers, candies, fruits and chocolate chips. While decorating the cupcakes, you should remember the occasion when you are going to use them. For instance, the shops which sell cupcakes Sydney wide decorate them with roses on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Advantages of decorating cupcakes

With just a little imagination and creative thoughts, the shops which sell cupcakes Sydney wide can give a complete makeover to them. When you decorate them, they become attractive and kids simply love eating them. It’s true that cupcakes have been a favorite of children, but when you decorate them differently, they find them interesting too.

Apart from this, by decorating the cupcake according to the occasion, you can explain your kids about the importance of the day while they are enjoying the delicious cupcakes. Thus, by decorating them, you’re not just making them interesting, but also letting your imagination do things that you had never thought of. Some ideas that may help you are mentioned below.

Fun ideas to decorate cupcakes

As already mentioned, you need to decorate the cupcakes depending upon the occasion. Let’s start

·         If it’s for your kid’s birthday, you may use frosting of different colors. The cakes will be colorful then. Also to add variance, add different shaped candies. Kids will not be able to decide as to whether they love the cake more or the candy!

·         You can also make happy faces on the cupcakes with different items. You will need fondant and icing ribbons for making the faces.

·         For Halloween, cupcakes use various colored materials for decorating the cupcakes. Colors like orange, purple, black-and-white go well with Halloween. Use rolled out fondants for making the eyes. You can use your imagination for decorating the cupcakes and make sure they go well with Halloween.

·         If it’s Valentine day and you want to make your valentine happy with decorated cupcakes, then choose red or pink fondant. You may cover the cupcake with that and then put heart-shaped chocolates for making them look attractive. Making initials of your beloved can also make the cupcakes attractive.

·         If the cupcake is for a baby shower, then use subtle colors as these match the mood of the day. Choose icing and fondant of light pink, cream, light blue or any other soft color. Give a topping of butterfly, baby feet or bow. Let your imagination run wild, and add what fits best, and decorate the cupcakes.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for decorating the cupcakes Sydney shops sell. You just need to remember that they should be attractive. Choose different molds with various designs and make the cupcakes different from each other, making them just perfect for any event.

Catering – the Heart of an Event

Catering service is the business of providing food at distant sites or in hotels, public houses, etc. for special occasions such as a wedding, party or any other get-together. Catering services provide us the most important service, which is serving food. They are one of the most important members of the community helpers in today’s life. The history of catering services dates back to 1778. A major service was catered by Caesar Carnshell in the United States, Philadelphia to celebrate the departure of British General, William Howe. Lately, catering services have become the heart of any event. Before telling about catering companies Melbourne market has today, read on to know more about catering.

Importance of Catering

Social events like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, graduation celebrations and any other get-together occupy an important place in a person’s heart, and thus they should just be memorable. Instead of spending hours planning how to do what, working hard in the kitchen or running errands, one can always look for a catering service as they are always ready to take up the whole part of organising according to your demands and wishes.

Meal times are the most important parts of a social life. Having the food together creates a firm bonding among people. Thus, social events should be organised with the best food, and a catering service can always help in turning the social event into a well-planned  dining experience.

Catering Company in Melbourne

As big companies have lesser time to plan events on their own, the field of catering is experiencing an increased demand. If you are in Melbourne, you can always look for the best catering companies Melbourne offers which provide great deals for occasional events. These companies support you with all aspects of your event. Many of these companies cater for both private and corporate functions. They offer services for small, large, formal and casual events. Every firm which offers services of Catering in Melbourne is ardent about serving you with great menu ideas with healthy and fresh ingredients and advanced service.

For any event, the superior service of food is vital. Catering companies Melbourne currently has provide the finest quality of food. Catering is one of the most important elements of any wedding or reception; it is something which the guests will always remember. It is the host’s duty to make the food so good that it could stimulate the taste buds. Thus, a good catering service is the preliminary need for any social event. Catering market does not only deal with serving food. But it also needs to take care of supplementary stuff such as the food menu, the theme, the arrangement of tables, cutlery, napkins, etc. The catering companies need to be very specific about providing quality service on time as customers always prefer punctual services.  The catering business also demands a 24-hour service.

With increasing catering services in the market, there is a growing demand for professional catering services. Lately, catering profession has been accepted by the society. Thus, the catering business has made a superior position in today’s society. For more details on the most trusted catering company Melbourne offers, visit http://www.essentialcaterer.com.au/